New products for old coffee tables

Have you ever wondered what happened to that old coffee table that you chucked out? Perhaps you chucked it out having replaced it with a newer model, or perhaps you decided that it was still of value, and made some money from it. After you believe that the life of a coffee table has expired, what do you suppose is made from your old, unwanted piece of furniture? are experts at re-using old furniture products, and currently specialise in transforming unwanted coffee tables into something new. Through our working practices, we give coffee tables a new lease of life, re-incarnating them into the product that they always dreamed of becoming! I bet you’d never realised how ambitious coffee tables were?!


After transforming unwanted coffee tables into new items, they are then ready to be sold or given to charity. Depending on the quality of the re-purposed table, we are able to sell them back to the general public. If, having revalued the table, we do not think that it is re-saleable, we offer the item to charity.


How can we help you?


If you have a coffee table that you believe is beyond its useful life, we would love to hear from you. are passionate about providing a creative, useful solution to problems that you face in regards to your unwanted furniture. Simply call or email us, and we will be keen to inspect your coffee table, before providing you with a list of suggested items that we can transfer your table into.


Perhaps you have always wanted a cabinet for your games console, but products on the market are too expensive? Maybe you need a new set of shelves but do not have the time to shop and install them, without even thinking about how expensive they may be?! can offer you a set of solutions, to suit your needs.


What we need from you


In order to use our service, you will need to create an online account, before entering the details of the product you have to be transformed. Simply complete the online form, giving us details of your name and contact telephone number, and an account will be created within our database. One of our expert members of the sales team will then contact you directly (usually by email), to discuss your requirements further. At this stage, you are under no obligation to go through with any orders. Interior Design Trends - Huffington Post UK

  Having contacted you, we will then look to organise a meeting, so that we can discuss your specific requirements. Ideally we need to see the coffee table at face value, in order to give you an accurate recommendation of the list of products available. That said, we have been known to provide a list of suggestions based on photographs and online descriptions (it all depends on what those are!) If we do this, however, we do reserve the right to withdraw any of our recommendations.


Once we have met with you, we can then provide you with some options as to how you would like your coffee table transformed. At this stage, we will also give you a free, no obligation quotation as to the cost of the finished product, to you. This enables you to consider whether the transformation will be worth it from your side.


Please note that although we are passionate about re-creating coffee tables to suit your specific requirements, this cannot always be made possible. Try to not to be too disappointed if we are not able to complete your request!

  After the order has been accepted, we will then transform your coffee table as soon as we can! We offer a 30-day turnaround, and will even bring the new product to your house for you, keeping your costs to a minimum. do all the hard work for you, leaving you free to sit back, relax, and wait for the transformation to complete.


Current successes


In the past, have successfully transformed coffee tables into a range of different furniture types. We have created tables and chairs (mostly for children, due to the size of re-usable materials), cabinets for a collection of DVD’s and CD’s, small bookcases, cabinets upon which to rest small televisions or games consoles, and shelves for a range of uses. It is also worth bearing in mind that we are frequently able to add our own materials, to the ones we make use of from the coffee table, which enables us to make larger products which are more suited to your purpose. Due to the increase in materials, however, these do command a larger sales price.